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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
Epoxy Flooring Contractors
When it comes time to install epoxy flooring in your business or home, you just don’t want anyone to come in and install the epoxy. You can never trust that anyone installing your epoxy flooring is taking the proper steps to prepare the surface or if they are using a low or high-grade material; or can you.
You can trust in our epoxy flooring contractors to never skip any steps in preparing the surface or using low-grade material in their work. Our epoxy flooring contractors have decades of experience in the field of epoxy flooring so you can have peace of mind knowing that your flooring is being installed right the first time!



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    Benefits of using professional Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    How to reach the full potential of epoxy flooring?
    When you use our epoxy flooring contractors over a regular joe, you will find that your epoxy flooring will have plenty of benefits that can only be found from a proper epoxy floor. Here are only a few of the many wonderful benefits you stand to gain by using our epoxy flooring contractors:
    • When our epoxy flooring contractors install your flooring, you will have flooring that is as durable as they come. The epoxy flooring is able to stand up to heavy traffic from both people and vehicles, an extent of dropped objects and even handle the use of heavy machinery. Using our epoxy flooring contractors to install your epoxy flooring can actually make your concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger!
    • When you choose to professionally install your epoxy flooring with one of our talented epoxy flooring contractor, a world of specialized coatings will present itself. Epoxy flooring has many different types of specialized materials that can only be bought by the epoxy flooring contractors that can change both the way your flooring will perform and what your epoxy flooring is able to defend against. An example of a specialized coating is the static guard epoxy that protects sensitive electronics from electricity that is conducted by walking on flooring.
    • Another reason to have your flooring installed by our epoxy flooring contractors is the fact that your flooring is going to last decades when professionally installed. Our epoxy flooring contractors make this so by using a preparation of the concrete slab that provides a strong mechanical bond between the epoxy resin and concrete slab that can only be achieved through a strict process. We will tell you more about this process in the next section below.
    • Epoxy flooring contractors have decades of experience and are not shy to help you choose what type of epoxy is best suited for you. By calling us today, we will get one of our epoxy flooring contractors to give you a free no obligation quote today!
    How epoxy flooring contractors install epoxy
    Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
    The process our epoxy flooring contractors in Meridian use to prepare the surface for epoxy flooring is one of the most tedious processes in the flooring industry, but the results are well worth it. Below is a general outline of what takes place during this process:
    • Step 1: The concrete slab is inspected for any imperfections such as cracks, gouges, and stains. The cracks and gouges are filled with an epoxy-based filler and all stains are removed to give the epoxy flooring its seamless surface and tight bond.
    • Step 2: The concrete slab is now profiled one of two ways. One option is the epoxy flooring contractors use of a grinder with a diamond wheel attachment that will open the pores of the concrete slab or our epoxy flooring contractors use a shot blaster that profiles the concrete. Both of these methods are what allows the epoxy flooring to form an incredibly tight bond to the concrete slab
    • Step 3: Once the surface is completely profiled and clean, a coat of epoxy primer is applied to the surface and installation of the epoxy flooring will begin.
    This general outline is always used by our epoxy flooring contractors no matter how big or how small a job is because it is the only proven way epoxy flooring can get to its full potential. This is why we will always recommend that you use a trained professional like our epoxy flooring contractors to install your epoxy flooring. Other companies tend to use people with less experience or training to keep costs low and these workers will try to cut corners out of laziness or to save time. We respect our neighbors in Meridian and would never do such a thing!
    Another reason to use our epoxy flooring contractors over regular joe is that regular joe may try to use a lesser tier material than us. Most high-quality epoxies are only available to contractors with licenses or permits to use these materials and our epoxy flooring contractors are dead set on delivering only the best quality work to our friends in Meridian. Don’t trust average joe to get the job done right, trust us, the guys with decades of combined experience working with epoxy flooring systems!
    Designing with an Epoxy Flooring Contractor
    One of the best benefits of having your epoxy flooring installed by one of our epoxy flooring contractors is the fact that you will have consultation from a certified designer. Our epoxy flooring contractors have decades of combined experience working with epoxy flooring so they have seen millions of different flooring systems and know what will look good where.
    You will have the advantage of a professional giving their opinion when you choose to design the epoxy flooring with colors, flakes, metallic pigments and even have an emblem placed into the epoxy flooring when you use our epoxy flooring contractors! With average joe, you will receive a flooring that is indistinguishable from the next guys flooring but when you choose our epoxy flooring contractors, your flooring will be a one of a kind piece of art that will turn your neighbors or competition green with envy.
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