Epoxy Flooring Meridian, ID.
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Epoxy Flooring Meridian, ID.
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Epoxy Flooring Meridian

Dedicated to quality results
Here at our company we pride ourselves on work that speaks for itself. You won’t find DIY epoxy flooring kits within our repertoire. Instead our licensed, bonded epoxy floor contractors use their extensive knowledge to provide a quick and hassle-free process that leads to beautiful flooring.
You can count on our proven track of success. We have spent years honing our process to create the best final result. A flawless adhesion requires the correct preparation, and we pride ourselves on finding any imperfections to correct on the spot. We want you to love your epoxy flooring as much as we do!
We serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers with top-notch services from preparation to application. Our experience + your ideas can only equal a great end product!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Attention to Detail
Here at our company we strive to meet all our clients needs by paying attention to every detail throughout the process
With us it’s never about just getting the job done, it’s about provide quality work that will last for decades.
Professionals Who Care
Work done by professionals who truly care is second to none. And here, our customers wants and needs come first!
Infinite Options
We strive to let our client’s imaginations guide us throughout the process. Your flooring creation is only limited by what you dream it to be.
The breakdown of epoxy flooring can become quite an arduous task to understand. So the simple answer is that epoxy coatings are created through a chemical reaction between epoxide resin and polyamine hardener.
These two chemicals together create a process called curing, which can take anywhere from minutes to hours to complete. It turns the liquid epoxy coating into a durable, and heavy-duty solid.
Epoxy coatings are become quite popular in commercial sites, and residential homes due to the unique multitude of looks that can be created, it’s quick-drying process, and it’s resistance to water, alkali, rust, flammable materials, and acids.
What is Epoxy

Types of Epoxy

There is typically two broad categories that epoxy coatings and paint fall into: either waterborne coatings or powder coatings.
Waterborne Coatings
Waterborne Coatings
Waterborne epoxy coating contains a resin that completely dissolves in water and other solvents. Due to it being completely water-soluble, it makes the coating/painting easy to apply, and eco-friendly due to its organic co-solvents. Although this product takes longer to dry, it has these outstanding qualities:
  • Great surface finish and protection
  • High gloss
  • High corrosion protection
  • Good Resistance to heat and abrasion
  • Low toxicity and flammability
  • Cleans easily with water or water-based solutions
Powder Coatings
Powder Coatings
Powder epoxy coatings are applied as dry powder. This product is usually cured under controlled, high temperatures. Straight epoxy, fusion-bonded epoxy, hybrid epoxy, and polyester epoxy is melted, cooled, and grounded to a consistency similar to baking flour. It is then applied in three steps:
  • Pre-treatment/Surface preparation
  • Application of powder coating
  • Curing Process


The benefits of powder epoxy coating includes, but is not limited to:
  • No Solvents
  • Wide range of specialty effects
  • Thicker coatings than conventional liquid coating
  • Release little to no amount of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • No running or sagging
  • Fast curing time
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Epoxy Flooring Services

Providing Quality And Results
Epoxy Basement Floor
Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring
In Meridian, ID, garage floor epoxy is one of our most popular services. For such a high-traffic and widely seen area, epoxy flooring provides a gorgeous finish. It’s not only limited to the garage though, continue this beautiful flooring all the way down your driveway for a seamless, elegant appearance.
Decorative Epoxy Flooring
Decorative Epoxy Flooring
When you think of epoxy flooring do you imagine sterile off-white flooring that you would see in a warehouse? That’s just one end of the spectrum that is epoxy flooring. Whether you envision sparkly granite, or a glossy bright color, the sky really is the limit in regards to the flooring you want.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Whether you want epoxy flooring in your restaurant, school, medical center, or retail stores, we got you covered! Commercial epoxy flooring can provide you with an eye-catching floor that is slip resistant and can hold up to chemicals, food, and water spills. Beauty with the right functionality for your business.
metallic epoxy flooring
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Just because it’s a warehouse or a manufacturing facility doesn’t mean you have to resign to the same old flooring as anyone else. Your place of business deserves a stunning floor that enhances the work environment by being a easily sanitized surface. Your flooring can stand up to foot traffic, vehicle movement, and most any other wear and tear that life throws at it.
Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete
Take that plain, grey concrete slab and turn it into something memorable. Polishing concrete provides a seamless finish without the epoxy coating. It can be stained to include designs, colors, logos, and more. It is completely up to the need and desire of the customer.
Wood Stained Concrete
Wood Stained Concrete
This product looks exactly how it sounds. It is concrete that has been formed to mimic wood flooring without the exasperating maintenance that comes with wood. A beautiful finish for any location!
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Overall Benefits of Epoxy

Providing The best services city wide
Easy Maintenance
With spot cleaning when needed, general cleaning on occasion, and a reseal every five years; your floors should stay in great shape for decades to come!
When compared to other flooring costs, epoxy provides a long-lasting coat that is easy to care for which cuts down on the cost of maintenance throughout the years.
Epoxy flooring stands up the abuses of everyday traffic due to it’s protective shell that can last up to a lifetime with proper care.
Creative Designs
Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the design you want in your home, or place of business.
Epoxy flooring offers slip resistance, which could add to the overall safety of your home/place of business.
Fast Installation
Fast Installation
Epoxy flooring is a relatively quick application when done by professionals who understand the need for proper preparation.
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Where to put Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a versatile product
Epoxy flooring is a versatile product that can be applied to most surfaces. Although its use began in commercial locations, the general public quickly noticed it. Now you can find beautiful epoxy flooring in garages, driveways, flooring of homes, bar tops, patio areas, kitchen counters, offices, showrooms, and more. We are here to accommodate any dreams of a gorgeous, epoxy coated flooring.
Versatile Product

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Safe Bet When It Comes To Epoxy
If you are contemplating either a concrete or epoxy coating for your home or place of business, there a quite a few benefits from having it professionally done as opposed to a DIY project. We provide:
  • The knowledge needed for a beautiful, lasting finish
  • Understanding of the materials for a safe working environment
  • A professional cleaning of surface to ensure no bumps or lumps
  • Alleviation of headaches that comes with DIY projects
  • High-quality tools for a smooth adhesion
  • Quick turn-around process
There When You Need Us. We’ll help you with your Flooring renovations
Have questions about Epoxy Flooring? Here are common questions receive from customers.
How long does a typical epoxy floor last?
When installed by professionals, epoxy flooring can last for 20 plus years. It does require monthly, and yearly maintenance such as cleaning and waxing.
However, overall, this type of flooring is able to withstand the abuse of daily wear and tear better than traditional flooring.
Do you do commercial epoxy flooring or only residential?
We are happy to provide both residential and commercial epoxy flooring services. Regardless of where you would like the application of this product, we provide a thorough inspection of the area to provide you with an approximate cost and advise you with the best course of action.
How is the surface prepared?
The most important part of any flooring needs is proper preparation. If done incorrectly it could result in poor adhesion, which would cause premature flaking and peeling. Our preparation process includes:
  1. Cleaning the entire surface thoroughly
  2. Acid etching to remove grimy/greasy surfaces
  3. Surface grinder to prepare for maximum adhesion
  4. Repair of any cracks or holes
  5. Application of epoxy products