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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
Factory Epoxy Floor
With an industrial grade epoxy floor in your commercial or industrial property, anything is possible. These floors are beyond durable, beautiful, and affordable, continue below for more or give us a call right now.



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    Benefits of Factory Epoxy Flooring
    Versatility at its finest.
    If you’re looking for a professionally installed epoxy flooring system in Meridian, Idaho, look no further. We are the leading epoxy flooring company in the area, and we are here for you. Below are only some of many benefits our epoxy floors offer you, to learn more about our professional contractors and our seamless installation process, give us a call today!
    • Aesthetics- your commercial or industrial epoxy floor can be designed to reflect your creativity and personality. You are able to install your epoxy floors in different styles and colors. Their high-gloss glass-like final products bring elegance into any area they’re installed in, including warehouses, factories, or storage units.
    • Brightness- an epoxy floors beautiful shine helps increase visibility in any commercial or industrial setting. The reflective property of these floors helps light to bounce off of them and reduce the amount of lighting you will need.
    • Maintenance- epoxy floors require minimal cleaning, care, or upkeep. Concrete, without an industrial grade epoxy floor, would otherwise allow any liquid to penetrate its surface. Due to the epoxy coating, your floors will have a barrier between them and the outside world. Bacteria, oil, stains, and water will no longer be an issue so simple sweeping and light mopping is all your floors will require.
    • Durability- your epoxy floors will be resistant to any and all foot-traffic as well as warehouse and factory equipment. Your floors will be impact, chemical, oil, and stain resistant. Epoxy floors durability adds to its maintenance and lifespan.
    • Safety- for commercial and industrial settings where both employees and customers are present safety is an important factor. Installing your epoxy flooring systems with safety qualities like the slip, fire, and heat resistance is important.
    • Productivity- because epoxy flooring is quick and easy to install, you will not have to shut down your productivity for very long, so getting back to your business will be quickly accomplished.
    Where are epoxy floors installed? Why do you need a professional?
    Easy and affordable installation

    Below you will find the steps, the reasons, and the industries epoxy floors serve:

    • Inspecting your concrete floors is the first step for any professional contractor. This is to note any serious damages that need to be fixed prior to epoxy installation takes place.
    • After the inspection has taken place, our professionals with fix any findings that need to be.
    • Your primer is important, and any experienced epoxy contractor will not skip this step.
    • There are certain tests that need to be conducted to test your concrete floors. Moisture and temperature can negatively affect your epoxy flooring installation and should be checked thoroughly prior to the process beginning.
    • Our next step is to install quality materials that will last for decades down the road.
    Don’t let a DIY fool you into self-installing an epoxy floor. Epoxy floors are strong, durable, resilient, and long-lasting if they are properly installed. If they are not installed well, your floors will chip, break, and require more maintenance than was intended. There are many different industries that install epoxy floors because of their unbeatable beneficial qualities; however, many do not realize the importance of hiring a professional to install their floors. Durability and lifespan benefits of epoxy floors are cut in half when a professional does not do the installation because there are delicate and essential tests and inspections that must take place. Many DIY kits offer instruction on how to apply epoxy coatings to your floors but do not give crucial instruction on how to test and inspect your floors. Epoxy flooring is a versatile system that can be installed in schools, universities, gyms, hotels, lobbies, hospitals, clinics, garages, warehouses, packing plants, kitchens, and homes.
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    Why Us? Why Epoxy?
    Incredible floors installed by an incredible team
    Epoxy flooring is not only for industrial settings and has recently become one of the hottest trends for interior designers. Many residential and commercial properties are reaping the benefits of professionally installed epoxy floors. Commercial epoxy floors are popular for their slip-resistant qualities and their ability to resist damage from wear and tear. These floors are also customizable to reflect the business’s unique individuality. Beautiful floors draw in new clients and customers alike. Many facilities that install epoxy floors benefits from the antimicrobial quality epoxy offers. They are easy to clean; therefore, health codes and guidelines are easily met. Along those lines, residential areas have begun installing epoxy floors because of their ability to mimic other flooring solutions like wood and marble. Industrial grade epoxy floors offer unlimited opportunities when professionally installed.
    Our epoxy installers are licensed professionals who pride themselves in excellent customer service. Do not trust just anyone with your floors, especially if you want them to last. If you have a specific floor design in mind, want to update your current epoxy floors, or are simply looking for a change in décor, give us a call. Our team has decades of combined experience in the Meridian area and we would love to help you get started with your new epoxy floors today.
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