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Industrial Epoxy Flooring
The flooring in industrial facilities needs to be able to keep up with the harsh conditions that present themselves on a daily basis in these facilities. When it comes to choosing the new flooring for your facility, it seems like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place as no flooring really seems like it can suit your needs.
Well, that was until you found us, the industrial epoxy flooring masters and we can provide you with the fastest and most affordable service in Meridian. Allow us to tell you a little more about our amazing product.



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    When it comes to the benefits of industrial epoxy flooring, you will find that the list will go on and on. Below we have outlined a few of the ways that industrial epoxy flooring can enhance your facility in ways you didn’t even know were possible:
    • Industrial epoxy flooring is some of the most durable, if not the most durable flooring available on the market. Industrial epoxy flooring is able to stand up to heavy vehicle and foot traffic, heavy machinery usage and can even handle impacts to an extent. The industrial epoxy flooring is also known to make the concrete slab up to 300 percents stronger than bare concrete.
    • Industrial epoxy flooring is also known for its superior chemical resistance. The industrial epoxy flooring gets this marvelous trait thanks to its solid top coat that doesn’t absorb any moisture at all. Since the chemical won’t be absorbed, it will be isolated on the surface of the industrial epoxy flooring so it can be picked up and disposed of without causing major environmental damage to the surrounding area.
    • Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the longest lasting floorings around when you take into consideration that industrial facilities without epoxy flooring need to change or repair flooring every 5 to 10 years. When industrial epoxy flooring has been properly maintained and professionally installed with the high-grade materials that we use, you can look forward to the industrial epoxy flooring lasting well over 20 years with cases of the epoxy lasting well over 30 years.
    • Another advantage of having industrial epoxy flooring installed in your facility is that the flooring doesn’t require the facility to be shut down when it is installed. Industrial epoxy flooring is able to be worked in sections so we can work around you. If a faster cure time is required, we can help you with this as well. We offer a quick cure epoxy that will allow the industrial epoxy flooring to be ready for foot traffic in as little as 1 hour.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

    Below are the key elements in preparing to install an industrial flooring system:

    • First of all, we will begin by fixing any impurities on the concrete slab. This is the process where we will use an epoxy filler to repair all cracks on the surface of the concrete slab, repair all gouges and chips, and lift all stains on the concrete slab. This is crucial as this is where epoxy gets its beautiful and seamless finish.
    • The next step in preparing for an industrial epoxy flooring is the concrete slab is either ground with a diamond wheel blade or shot blasted. Both of these methods will profile and open the pores of the concrete slab allowing for the epoxy resin to form its superior bond.
    • After the floor is profiled, the floor is scoured to make sure there are no imperfections or stains remaining in the concrete and if the concrete is clean. If all the boxes are checked, a coat of epoxy primer is applied to the concrete slab and the installation process will begin.
    We will always follow these key elements when preparing to install for an industrial epoxy flooring because this is the best way the floor can be prepared, plain and simple. We will never try to cut corners just to save time or money like our competitors do because the simple fact is, we care about our neighbors in Meridian so we want to bring them the best product possible. When it comes to the installation of the actual industrial epoxy flooring, the process may vary based on the type of epoxy that is used as well as if any type of specialty designs have been added so if you want to know about the installation process of industrial epoxy flooring, let your contractor know!
    When it comes to customizing your industrial epoxy flooring, you will be pleased to know that there are millions of ways that this can be done.
    We offer our neighbors in Meridian a magnitude of ways that they can customize their industrial epoxy flooring in ways that can make the area more attractive, efficient and safer. You are able to do this industrial epoxy flooring with various colors, flakes and even the use of metallic epoxy to make the area more appealing. If you need form over function, industrial epoxy is still the number one choice. This is because industrial epoxy can be used to create barriers, arrows, and walk paths to form a line of work for more efficiency in the workplace. Industrial epoxy flooring can also make an area safer with its amazing grip even if the flooring has become wet or soiled. Industrial epoxy flooring is able to do this by having an additive placed into the top coat that resembles sand that will add a shocking amount of grip to the floor in moist areas.
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