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Polished Concrete
Ready to update the look and function of the concrete slabs in your home? As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Meridian, Idaho, we can transform your basement, garage, or living space with a beautiful custom polished concrete floor.
Our concrete polishing contractors have decades of combined experience to create just the right look for your home.


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Polished Concrete Basement Floors

Ready to finish your basement or give it a fresh update?

Basement remodels offer a high return on investment by adding living space to your home. You can even get more money than you put into a basement remodel when you choose attractive, economical, and durable solutions like polished concrete. Whether you have a partial or full basement, our polished concrete in Meridian, ID can transform it into beautiful and comfortable living space.
A polished concrete floor is a durable and practical choice for any basement. Its surface is both beautiful yet strong and able to withstand all types of damage from spills and impact damage to basement floods. It can be stained and finished to achieve just the look you want with your choice of sheen. It can also be dressed up with area rugs for additional warmth.

Benefits of Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Here are some benefits you can enjoy.

Low Cost
Because our concrete polishing service uses your existing slab on grade to create a finished floor, you don’t need to install a new floor product on top of your concrete. Because no floor covering is necessary, the cost of polished concrete is very affordable. It also requires very little maintenance and has a long life for further cost savings. You don’t even need to worry about damage to your floor or removing water-damaged concrete if your basement floods.
Resists Damage
Polished concrete floors are an ultra-durable solution with the ability to withstand all types of damage. You don’t need to worry about damage to the floors when the kids play with toys, drinks are spilled, or heavy objects are dropped. Polished concrete even withstands damage from pet nails and accidents. Our concrete polishing service in Meridian, Idaho seals and densifies the concrete floor to create a strong surface that isn’t porous like regular untreated concrete.
Low Maintenance
You’ll love how little effort you need to put into keeping your polished concrete looking fantastic. Our polished concrete requires almost no care at all aside from routine sweeping and mopping to maintain its glossy finish. You don’t need to polish or wax your floor or use special products to clean it. It doesn’t need to be refinished and stained like wood flooring nor does it need to be sealed like natural stone. It won’t even accumulate allergens, debris, and stains like carpet.
Bright Reflective Surface
Polished concrete floors are a popular solution for dark, cold basements because they instantly brighten the space. Our concrete grinding and polishing creates a very light reflective surface that increases the brightness of your space. It can even reduce the need for extra light fixtures while creating an inviting and warm room.
Many Design Options
Don’t assume your polished concrete needs to look like a commercial space. While we can retain the look of concrete with a shiny, flawless finish, you can also customize the look of your floor to achieve any look. The sheen of the floor can range from a no-shine, matte look to a very high gloss finish that is even mirror-like. By incorporating stains and other techniques, our concrete polishing contractors can even mimic other high-end materials or create a beautiful terrazzo look for your floor.

Polished Concrete Garage Floors

Looking for an affordable way to update your garage?

A polished concrete floor in Meridian can be the ideal solution. Polished concrete can maintain the look of concrete but with a high-gloss sheen or it can be stained and finished for a unique and attractive look. This floor system uses your existing slab on grade without additional flooring products to create a finished floor solution that can withstand spills, vehicle traffic, and impact without showing damage. Contact us to learn more about transforming your dusty, tired garage with a low-care floor system.
Garage Floors
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Do you have questions about having your concrete floors polished? Curious about our process? Here are a few frequently asked questions from our customers. Please give us a call if you have any additional questions.
Are the floors slippery after being polished?
While polished concrete floors certainly look like they would be slippery, they actually offer good traction similar to a basketball court. Your polished concrete floor will be very smooth for easy cleaning but, when dry and clean, it will be completely safe. In fact, it’s much more slip-resistant than polished marble floors.
If you want additional protection against slips, we can add an anti-skid additive to the final coat.
How do you polish concrete?
We polish concrete floors in several stages. We begin with diamond grinding and chemical treatments that remove impurities and surface imperfections from your floor. To achieve a flawless polished concrete floor in Meridian, ID, we then polish and hone the concrete in stages. Using industrial diamond grinding equipment, we pass over the floor using successively finer products until we get the finish you want. We can achieve a soft matte finish with no shine or a smooth mirror-like finish that is so polished it looks wet. We can also add stains and a final protective finish.
Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we are happy to provide free written estimates upon request. Give us a call to schedule a free assessment of your concrete floor so we can prepare an accurate estimate for your concrete polishing in Meridian, Idaho.