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When it comes to the garage, many people have the same opinion. Many people see their garage as a dark and boring area that they don’t really want to bother spending time in or cleaning. While there are some types of flooring that can be placed in the garage, they don’t last very long or they tend to be ugly.
But we have good news for our neighbors in Meridian! We are now offering our epoxy garage floor coating systems at cut-rate prices that can compete with traditional flooring! Allow us to tell you more about our epoxy garage floor coating systems!


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Benefits of an epoxy garage floor coating
The epoxy garage floor epoxy coating system offers various amazing benefits that other floorings have a hard time keeping up with. Below we have outlined only a few of the many amazing benefits of using an epoxy garage floor coating:
  • An epoxy garage floor coating is one of the strongest flooring options available on the market. This flooring system is able to handle some pretty serious abuse hence why it is used in most industrial and commercial facilities. An epoxy garage floor coating is able to handle vehicle traffic, dropped objects and even the use of heavy machinery.
  • An epoxy garage floor coating can be customized in a magnitude of ways leading to no garage looking exactly alike. The epoxy garage floor coating can be designed using endless colors, single or multi-colored flakes and even the use of metallic pigments can be used to create the stunning metallic epoxy floor that will make your neighbors green when envy whenever you open your garage doors.
  • An epoxy garage floor coating is extremely chemical resistant so it only makes sense that is used in the garage where there is always plenty of chemicals being stored or used daily. The chemical resistance of a garage epoxy comes from its super tough top coat. The nonporous top coat isolates the chemical on the surface for easy cleanup and easy disposal. Did you know that chemicals spilled on the surface of bare concrete are absorbed and leaked out into the surrounding soil? Install an epoxy floor coating and make your garage safer for the planet!
  • An epoxy garage floor coating is one of the longest lasting floorings when it is both installed correctly and properly maintained. Epoxy flooring gets a bad reputation from the lesser grade DIY kits sold at hardware stores as well. A professional grade epoxy flooring is able to last well over 20 years with many cases of the epoxy garage floor coating lasting well into 3 decades.
How to properly maintain an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
The process of keeping your flooring like new is very simplistic and won’t take very long at all; it goes as follows:
The first step of cleaning the epoxy garage floor coating is the clearing of all loose debris. To get all the garbage off the floor we highly recommend the use of a dust mop or a soft bristle broom as the stiff bristle broom can leave tiny scratches that can ruin the top coat of the epoxy.
Once all of the debris has been removed from the flooring using a soft bristle broom or dust mop, just use a standard wet mop to clean the flooring. Be wary of using cleaning additives before you test them on the epoxy garage floor coating. To test the chemical, mask off a tiny area in the corner of the garage or in an area that will be hidden and apply a little of material to this area. Let the material sit for about 5 to 10 minutes to see if the material turns the top coat cloudy. If the top coat is unscathed, the additive is good to go and you are done doing the maintenance on your epoxy garage floor coating.
Another way to clean the epoxy garage floor coating that is exclusive to garage epoxy is the fact that it can be cleaned with a standard garden hose! The garage can become heavily soiled so cleaning it can be a mess so you can simply hose down its surface with an epoxy garage floor coating.
There are two things you have to make sure you do while using this method. First, make sure the water is below 115 degrees Fahrenheit and that you constantly keep the hose moving, not focusing too long on a specific area. If you make sure that the garage is painted at least once a week in low traffic scenarios and at least once a day in high traffic areas and when the garage has been heavily used, you can look forward to having your epoxy garage floor coating for a long time. Maintenance plays a huge role in how long the epoxy garage floor coating is going to last, so make sure to always follow these steps and you will have nothing to worry about!
Customize your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
When it comes to the customization of the garage epoxy flooring system, you will be happy to know that there is no shortage of selection. This flooring system arrives in a liquid form so there are no bounds on what you can do with it! There is an endless amount of colors to choose from, the option of flakes, metallic pigments and for extreme enthusiasts, we can even place a logo into the center of the garage! Let us focus on the metallic pigments that make the metallic epoxy garage floor.
The metallic epoxy garage floor coating is one of the most unique floorings you can find that are able to be used in garages. This is because this system is able to recreate the effects of lava flow, waves and can even make your floor look like a weather doppler. What most of our clients find most interesting about the metallic epoxy is the fact that no one flooring will ever look like another flooring, not even if it is done by the same epoxy flooring contractor.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
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