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Whether you want to transform your garage from dusty and boring into a fabulous, clean space or you need a hardworking yet attractive floor system for your commercial facility, our epoxy flooring contractors can help. We install only high-grade epoxy floor systems to meet your needs and design goals. Ready to experience the difference the right epoxy concrete coating can make? Here’s how our epoxy floor installers can help.


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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
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What to Expect with Epoxy Coatings in Meridian, ID

Benefits for homeowners and facility managers

Epoxy flooring is a versatile floor system that works well in basements and garages as well as all types of commercial and industrial environments. It offers a decorative appearance perfect for a high-end hotel lobby or upscale shop with the durability and sanitary surface necessary for commercial kitchens, hospitals, and veterinarian clinics. Here’s a look at the benefits you can expect when you invest in an epoxy floor coating in Meridian, ID.
  • Extremely resistant to damage. Our high-performance epoxy garage floor coatings and industrial coatings can resist all types of damage. Road salt, hot tires, spilled chemicals, gas and oil, abrasion, and more don’t stand a chance of damaging high-grade epoxy flooring.
  • Protects your concrete. An epoxy garage floor in Meridian doesn’t just give you an attractive floor system; it also protects your concrete from damage. The seamless and nonporous epoxy isolates spills and prevents them from seeping into the concrete.
  • Epoxy is highly stain resistant. A quality epoxy floor can maintain its bright, clean appearance for up to two decades without showing stains or wear and tear.
  • Cost-effective flooring. It’s hard to beat epoxy flooring in Meridian when it comes to price. This low-cost floor system has an affordable installation cost and it can last decades without costly or time-consuming care.
  • Minimal maintenance required. It isn’t hard to keep your beautiful epoxy flooring looking its best. It can be swept and mopped or even pressure washed with a protective cove base. You never need to worry about polishing, waxing, or special cleaning products.
  • Brights your garage or basement. Epoxy can brighten your floor by up to 300% to improve safety and reduce the need for additional lighting.
  • Highly customizable. Choose from endless colors, patterns, and effects to get the look you want. We can install a metallic epoxy floor, epoxy flake flooring, solid colors, custom patterns, and much more.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring Meridian?


Epoxy Flake
  • We do a moisture test on your concrete. While most concrete is a good candidate for epoxy flooring, serious moisture problems can cause premature failure. We use a moisture test to make sure your concrete doesn’t have moisture issues that will interfere with the bond and to determine if a moisture barrier is necessary.
  • We repair damage to your concrete. If epoxy is applied to concrete that’s cracked, spalling, or crumbling, the epoxy floor coating is guaranteed to fail. Our epoxy contractors in Meridian, Idaho take the time to repair existing damage to create the perfect substrate for the epoxy to bond with.
  • We apply a quality primer first. Many garage floor epoxy companies in Meridian skip primer but we believe a high-quality primer can extend the lifespan of your epoxy concrete floor. We use primers that also act as moisture barriers.
  • We use diamond grinding to profile the concrete. While a DIY garage floor epoxy kit and inexperienced contractors use a mild acid wash to prepare your concrete for epoxy, that simply isn’t enough. We use diamond grinding to open the concrete’s pores, remove imperfections, and profile the surface to ensure a strong bond between the concrete and epoxy flooring in Meridian.
  • We use only the best epoxy products. There’s a lot of inferior-grade epoxy products on the market that are bound to fail, usually within just a year or two. Solvent-based 100% solids epoxy floor in Meridian, ID — combined with proper concrete preparation and installation — delivers long-lasting results that can last 10-20 years or longer.
Inferior Grade Epoxy
We stand by our results. We are dedicated to superior results in terms of customer service, attention to detail, and only the highest-quality epoxy products. Don’t trust your floor to just anyone. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity and awareness of epoxy flooring in Meridian comes many epoxy contractors who lack the experience and training to deliver the results you are looking for. Fly-by-night contractors may cut corners or use inferior products that lead to premature floor failure.

Endless Decorative Options

Get the garage of your dreams

Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Who says epoxy flooring needs to be boring and industrial-looking? Whether it’s installed in a hotel lobby, home basement or garage, or a factory, our epoxy flooring contractors in Meridian, ID offer limitless ways to customize the appearance of epoxy flooring. For garages, basements, and public areas of a business, decorative options like an metallic epoxy floor or flake epoxy are good options. Metallic epoxy has a 3D effect that looks alive and can resemble anything from leather and marble to rippling water and molten metal. Flake epoxy is often called granite flake epoxy because it looks very similar to granite. We can even create custom patterns and designs or add a team or business logo to your floor!
In other areas, epoxy can be customized to improve safety and performance. We can add skid-resistant additives or decorative quartz granules for greater durability and safety. Hospitals, auto shops, factories, and warehouses can benefit from epoxy floor striping to indicate walking paths, work zones, forklift paths, and more.