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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
Ready to ditch your dusty, stained, and cold garage for something new, bright, and fun? Our epoxy garage floor installers in Meridian offer endless ways to give your garage a high-performance and attractive floor. Garage floor epoxy is a low-cost solution with a great return on your investment. It can withstand everything you throw at it and maintain its clean, bright appearance for up to 20 years with minimal care. It’s time to make your garage a part of your home, not a neglected storage area. Here’s how our garage floor epoxy contractors can help.



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    Give Your Garage New Purpose
    Transform your garage into bright, usable space
    f your garage is like most, it’s little more than a cluttered storage space with enough room for your car. It’s dusty, dark, and definitely not a place you would ever consider spending time. With professional garage floor epoxy, our epoxy garage floor installers can transform your garage and make it a space you’ll love using. Imagine opening your garage door to a clean, colorful, and light space you don’t need to hide from the neighbors.
    Here are just some of the ways you can give your garage new life with high-quality garage epoxy.
    • Home gym or yoga studio
    • Man cave complete with a wet bar
    • Music studio for practicing or teaching
    • Clean, organized storage with shelving or cabinets
    • Workshop with a seamless, bright floor that makes it easy to see what you’re doing
    • Home office with insulation
    • Craft room with plenty of space for storage and work
    • Bright, beautiful place to park your car or show it off
    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    The Many Benefits of a Garage Epoxy Coating

    Durability and performance meets beauty and longevity

    Garage Floor Coating
    • Seamless surface is nonporous, sanitary, and easy to clean. It can be swept, mopped, and even pressure washed without using special cleaning products
    • Long-lasting performance. While DIY garage epoxy kits usually last 1-2 years, our Meridian epoxy garage floor installers use 100% solids epoxy applied to carefully prepared concrete. This delivers a floor system that can last 10-20 years. Best of all, it maintains its clean and professional appearance without showing stains, wear and tear, and other types of damage.
    • Difficult to damage or stain. We install only the best garage floor epoxy coatings in Meridian, Idaho for superior results. Industrial-grade epoxy withstands hot tire pick up, abrasion, gas and oil spills, moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and much more while even resisting stains
    • Cost-effective. Few flooring systems are as affordable as epoxy. Our garage floor epoxy contractors deliver a beautiful yet long-lasting floor for as low as $5 per square foot. This low-cost investment offers a great return, lasts up to 20 years, and it can even boost your home value.
    • Personalized design and color options. Garage floor epoxy doesn’t need to look boring and industrial. Our epoxy garage floor installers can achieve any look you’re going for from solid colors, flake epoxy, and custom patterns, shapes, and textures to the elegant and 3D appearance of a metallic epoxy garage floor.
    It’s hard not to appreciate the quality installation performed by our epoxy garage floor installers in Meridian, ID. The right epoxy garage floor coating can make all the difference, boosting your home’s value while giving you a garage floor that’s attractive, incredibly resistant to damage, and long-lasting. No matter how you want to use your garage, there’s a good chance you can benefit from a cost-effective garage floor epoxy system.

    Customize Your Garage Floor

    Endless design options

    An epoxy garage floor coating in Meridian, ID can look like anything you want. Some homeowners love the style of a single high-gloss color like a car showroom. Others want a bit more visual interest and texture that can be achieved with granite flake epoxy. If you want something one-of-a-kind, our epoxy garage floor installers can create your choice of patterns or designs like free-flowing shapes, stripes, or modern checkerboard flooring with a fun twist like a metallic effect.
    The most stunning option for epoxy flooring is a metallic epoxy garage coating. Metallic epoxy is achieved with metallic pigments that are agitated with solvents, blowers, and other methods to mimic movement and depth. A metallic epoxy garage floor has an elegant pearlescent and 3D effect and it can be designed to mimic marble flooring, leather, rippling ocean water, molten metal, stained glass, and more.
    Marble Epoxy Garage
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