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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage epoxy floors are some of the most beautiful and long-lasting floors you could ever install in your garage. These floors offer safety, beauty, and affordability for your homes. Our contractors know how important your garage is to you and we want to ensure you, it is just as important to us.



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    Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring
    Easy, Quick, Affordable
    An epoxy garage floor offers an exorbitant amount of benefits that will simultaneously save you time and money. These professionally installed floors exceed any and all expectations you will have:
    • Eco-friendly solutions. Epoxy floors are great options if you want to make a green footprint on the planet. Epoxy flooring utilizes the materials already available in your home, therefore, reducing material costs. If you are reducing the number of materials used during installation, then you are reducing the amount of waste created as well.
    • Safety comes first. Garage epoxy floors offer a number of opportunities for a safe quality installation. Epoxy floors can be installed to be slip-resistant, which is great for snow or rain days, temperature-resistant, which is great for those warm summer days, impact-resistant, which is great for a highly used garage, and lastly these floors can be installed with fire-resistant qualities.
    • Resistance is key. Epoxy garage floors are incredibly long-lasting, and their secret is resistance. Epoxy garage floors are resistant to chemical, oil, and water damage. The coating helps isolate substances, making them easier to clean-up.
    • Looks good too. Aesthetically, your garage epoxy floor can be converted into the most beautiful floor in the home. Coatings are able to be installed with different designs, colors, logos, patterns, and textures.
    • Strength for the long run. Epoxy garage floors, once the resin and hardeners have chemically reacted with your concrete floors, and properly cured, are very strong. Epoxy floors prevent any type of chemical breakdown.
    • Easy. Garage epoxy floors are easy to clean and even easier to maintain. These floors allow you to simply sweep and mop when it is necessary. Very little scrubbing or treatments are required to keep your floors strong and beautiful.
    • Quick and simple. Epoxy garage floors take no time at all to install and do not disrupt your daily routine for very long.
    • Visibility at its finest. The glass-like epoxy floor finish increases your garages lighting by reflecting the lights in your garage. This helps improve the brightness in your garage and lower the number of lights you actually use.
    Metallic Garage Floor Epoxy
    Our licensed contractors create works of art for your garage floors.

    Below are the facts and benefits of the most beautiful garage epoxy floors:

    • Metallic epoxy floor installers each have their own way of installing these one of a kind floors, making each one an individual work of art.
    • You cannot replicate epoxy metallic floors, so if you want your garage to be the envy of the neighborhood, a garage metallic floor is a way to go.
    • These exotic looking floors disperse pigmentation to get the looks that make them so highly desired.
    • Metallic epoxy floors are installed to create 3D illusions as you step onto the surface of the floor.
    • The natural variation between artwork, even when installed by the same contractor, is one of the reasons why these floors are so exotic.
    • Unlike clear epoxy coatings, where scratches are fixed or hidden, a metallic epoxy floor uses those imperfections to create true works of art. These floors will transform your garage into a beautiful part of your home.
    • Metallic floors are the most durable epoxy flooring systems.
    Epoxy metallic garage floors are the longest lasting epoxy floors because they are installed with 100% solids. In a garage, it is crucial to have a floor that is impact resistant, these floors will make sure that items dropped in your garage will not crack, chip, or break your concrete floors. Metallic epoxy floors are better for indoor garages because they will last longer. Some pigmentation may begin to discolor is left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. For more information about these unique and beautifully designed garage floors, give us a call.
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    Garage Epoxy Flooring
    Strong, Resilient, Durable
    Professionally installed garage epoxy floor coatings offer many different options for design, texture, pattern, and color. A floor that will last for 20 or more years is worth the minimal investment that epoxy floors require. These floors are the hottest trend sweeping the nation for interior design because of their affordability and their resistant qualities that allow them to last for many years. The glass-like look they finish with brings a sense of elegance and delicacy into a garage but are the strongest floors you can install in your home.
    Our licensed professionals know how important it is to have a strong and reliable floor year-round. We want to ensure you that we know just what your floor needs and how to install it. Epoxy garage floors are way better than unprotected concrete because, without the epoxy coating, your floors will be very vulnerable. Unprotected concrete is highly absorbent and will allow any harmful chemicals to break it down or water to penetrate its surface creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
    Meridian Garage Floor Epoxy
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