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Epoxy Flooring Meridian
Garage Floor Epoxy Meridian
Get the garage you never knew was possible with garage floor epoxy in Meridian. A quality garage epoxy system brightens your garage with a hard-working surface that protects the concrete and holds up in even the most demanding applications. Garage epoxy is a smart investment that can last 10-20 years and transform your garage into a space you’ll actually love showing off



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    Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy in Meridian

    What makes garage epoxy a great choice?

    Garage floor epoxy in Meridian, ID is growing in popularity due to rising awareness among consumers. Once just a commercial floor system, garage epoxy is now available to homeowners who want to update their garage, protect their concrete, and enjoy long-lasting yet low-care flooring. Here’s what makes a garage epoxy coating a great investment for your home.
    • Endless design options. We offer garage floor epoxy in hundreds of colors with your choice of decorative options. From simple single-color epoxy to custom patterns and effects, we can do it all. Granite flake epoxy is a popular choice for the garage as it adds non-slip texture and the look of granite. A metallic epoxy garage floor is a stunning option that gives your floor the perception of depth and movement with a 3D effect.
    • Economical flooring. Garage epoxy offers an impressive return on investment thanks to its low installation cost, long life, and low care requirements. Professional garage floor epoxy in Meridian can even boost your home’s value and deliver a floor system that can last decades.
    • Resilient and durable. Not much can hurt our industrial-grade garage epoxy formulations. Built for even the most demanding environments, an epoxy garage floor can handle hot tires, extreme temperatures, gasoline and oil spills, moisture, heavy objects, and more with ease.
    • Long-lasting. Don’t be fooled; our epoxy flooring isn’t paint nor is it at all like the epoxy products you receive in a DIY garage epoxy kit. Low-grade garage floor epoxy in Meridian, Idaho typically lasts just a year or two but professional epoxy flooring can last 10 to 20 years without showing its age.
    • Brightens your garage. Our epoxy systems instantly brighten your garage to make it more welcoming and safer. Dropped objects are easy to spot on a clean, bright epoxy floor and it can reduce the need for extra lighting. This is perfect if you use your garage for hobbies like woodworking or mechanics.

    Experienced Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

    Learn about our epoxy installation process

    Garage epoxy isn’t paint; it’s a resilient liquid-applied floor system made from hardeners and resin that chemically react to bond with the concrete and form an ultra-hard and seamless floor. Achieving long-lasting results doesn’t happen by accident. Our garage floor epoxy experts carefully prep the surface and use only high-grade epoxy for long-lasting results.
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    • Perform a moisture test. Most concrete is a good candidate for garage floor epoxy in Meridian, ID but we take the time to make sure your concrete doesn’t have serious moisture issues that will cause premature failure. If you do have some moisture concerns, we can use a quality moisture barrier.
    • Repair damage to the concrete. An epoxy garage floor coating won’t adhere to damaged concrete. For smooth, seamless results that last, our garage floor epoxy contractors take the time to repair problems like crumbling, spalling, holes, and cracks in your concrete.
    • Prep the surface with diamond grinding. We use diamond grinding or shot blasting to prep your concrete substrate for a garage epoxy coating. Diamond grinding removes surface imperfections, opens the concrete’s pores, and creates a very smooth surface that’s ready to bond with epoxy.
    • Apply a specialized epoxy primer. The best garage floor epoxy coating is a multi-layer system for additional strength and resilience. Once your concrete is prepped, we apply a high-quality primer to the surface to prepare the floor for garage epoxy.
    • Install a quality garage floor epoxy system. Our garage floor epoxy contractors only use solvent-based, 100% solids epoxy to deliver the best possible results. We use high-grade epoxy suitable for demanding commercial environments to make sure your garage floor withstands everything from hot tires and oil spills to moisture and heavy dragged objects.
    Flake Epoxy Garage
    Don’t trust your garage floor to inexperienced epoxy floor contractors. Achieving beautiful results that last requires attention to detail, careful prep work, and the right products and equipment. We are dedicated to delivering superior garage floor epoxy systems with results that speak for themselves.

    Why Invest in Professional Garage Floor Epoxy?

    Superior results that last 10-20 years

    You’ve probably seen the DIY epoxy kits available at home improvement stores and wondered why you should bother paying for professional installation when a kit delivers the same thing. While there are some applications for which DIY garage epoxy can be a good fit, keep in mind these kits use inferior 40-50% solids epoxy and a simple acid wash to prepare the concrete. That means the results won’t look perfect and the floor will need to be reinstalled every year or two.
    Our epoxy garage floor installers carefully prepare your concrete with quality repairs and diamond grinding that profiles the surface, removes contaminants and imperfections, and opens the pores. This allows for a strong and long-lasting bond between the epoxy and the concrete. We use only solvent-based, 100% solids epoxy that’s formulated to withstand even the harshest conditions and maintain its clean, professional appearance without stains, chips, delamination, and flaking.
    Flake Epoxy Garage Floor
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